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April 23, 2005


So if the state legislature won't pass the bill, which is nearly assured, then maybe 1000 Fans of Unjust Takings and the legion leagues of leftists who think Measure 37 is a sign of End Times ought to get together and take the "progressive" rout: Bypass the "special interests" altogether and put their little (or large) Capturing Windfall Profits tax directly in front of The People for a look-see.

Of course, I could probably be persuaded to wager on the outcome - my bet being that their efforts wouldn't fare a whole lot better than they did with their "No on 37" campaign. You see, the "visionaries" who so cherish the statewide land-use planning enforcement bureaucracy don't even perceive the simple truth that their collectivist fantasy doesn't enjoy majority political support in Oregon anymore, and for that matter hasn’t for years.

Good luck, though!

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