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July 20, 2005


You're not saying this, but some readers may mis-interpret, so just for the record.... BlueOregon itself, of course, doesn't have a position on gun control. BlueOregon doesn't take any positions or endorse candidates. It doesn't even go out for donuts.

That said, I think there's an interesting conversation going on out there about the role of gun control as an issue for Democrats. I think we're headed for a pullback from the usual absolutist views - and instead starting to see a more nuanced view that argues that guns are a major problem in the cities, but not really a problem in the rural places.

That's partly why Howard Dean had an A+ rating from the NRA while governor of Vermont. FWIW, there's a lot of conversation about this over at

My reference was to BlueOregon as a forum for progressive voices, although I don't see how the site and the people who contribute to it, who do advocate certain policies, can be viewed as separate and discrete entities.

I'm curious, Kari, about your reference to the "usual absolutist views." Got any examples?

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