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February 28, 2006


"I look at it like this: you can either have strong neighborhood schools OR you can have a market-based school choice program. But the two, by definition, cannot coexist."

The reality, Terry is that PPS has a 3-tiered system of mostly excellent schools (neighborhood and special focus) attended by children of affluent parents, good-enough schools for middle-class kids and mostly bad schools for kids from low-income families. Progressives learned from Social Security that the best supported entitlements are universal entitlements that the affluent class derives benefit from and are therefore willing to support with tax dollars.

Take away special focus or elite neighborhood schools and the affluent parents who demand them will withdraw support from PPS and move their kids to suburban public or private schools.

For a good example Google up Riverdale School District.

Do you really find it appropriate to chastise adults for wanting better schools for their children? There's really no point to mention my parents or the article that has been written about them.. It's flat out rude. Do you really think that I'm the only student in Portland that has decided to change schools? No.
And for the record, I will be attending Wilson next year, NOT my neighborhood school, and I'm glad. In fact, couldn't be happier about my choice, thank you very much.

Did you ever even consider that some parent choose to send the child to a different school not because it is richer but, because it is actually a BETTER school? I personally know the Horsey family and they live in a dangerous neighborhood, and they can't help that. They chose to take advantage of an opportunity for their children to get their educations in a positive and safe learning environment!!

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