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March 28, 2006


When I asked school board members this question "Don't you think it's time we sued the state for adequate funding?" the answer I got was that other districts were planning to sue (this was the Thursday before the lawsuit came out) and that it would be better if Portland did not get on board at the moment because then it would be "All about Portland" again. Big, whiny district or something to that effect. This was Dan Ryan and Bobbie Regan

Portland is a party. The "factual" issues that could be resolved against the state as "a" party would limit re-litigation of those fact issues if Portland later sought to claim a benefit of a favorable ruling from the litigation.

You say, "You get what you pay for!(in education)"

It all depends on how the revenue is allocated. Oregon has allocated revenue very poorly. It is why we have the 4th highest student/teacher ratio, curtailed programs and pressure on full school years.

Total revenue is not the problem. Oregon has outspent Washington ("per student")in every year except one, for the last 16 years, since Measure 5. This, despite that Washington is ranked 11th in "per capita income, while Oregon is ranked 36th. And Washington has produced better academic results than Oregon.

"Here's what I (Terry) think: You get what you pay for!"

Reality: We pay for what we get from unsustainable budgets, severance packages, executive searches, legal settlements, spokespeople, bad decisions, costly and inflexible collective bargaining provisions, unfunded mandates etc.

The premise that underlies the QEM is that if the system were funded such that every school looked like the model's optimal school, that 90% of students would meet standard.

Have you ever seen a shred of evidence to support this premise? Has the Quality Education Commission ever even tried to prove it?


Lynn Lundquist even says as much in the article you quote. Just send money. No, we have no evidence it will do what we say, and we certainly aren't going to give any guarantees. Just send money. It will work this time.

Honest. Trust us.

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