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April 07, 2006


Maybe Jack should write a weekly column for the Trib. It would be a match made in sensational journalism heaven.

Actually I would guarantee that the public explosion of the Tram's budget, the mishandling of the coverage of the tram, as well as the failure of budget solutions to magically appear would all be a clear sign that Goldscmidt had left the city behind.

Large pork projects like this have continually been pursued and happen without a hitch in Portland. Just when budgetary reality creates an impending doom - magically another pot of cash, a horse trade deal with uber-corporations, or some other Federally funded project lines conveniently up to fund the shortfall. This is the Goldscmidt effect.

Goldsmidt is a rare player in politics nationally and even rarer for small states like Oregon. He's played politics as an activist, city commissioner, mayor, US Secretary of Transportation, Governor, and Corporate board member and consultant.

Stevie the Perv knew how to quarterback a large-scale budget baby. Face it, Elvis has left the building and Homer Williams got stuck up a creek without a backroom lobbyist. The leaders of Portland are also left without his advice when in deep shit. He used to be the phone-call they all returned. Now he no longer calls in their moment of need.

Oops - I meant Neil the Perv

Sorry for my flippant answer gone awry.

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