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June 03, 2006


So what about the American's that do live within their means? You know, those usually over the age of thirty who consistently vote and make up most of the super-voting electorate. Also, when you drop out student loans, and starter capital (getting a household started), the debt to equity ratio of Americans doesn't look quite as dire.

The kicker isn't unique either. Several other states have budgeting gimmicks that prevent the wholesale looting of excess funds. Oregon's is the second which requires a check to be cut to the public in which this would incentivize a watchful constiuency of fiscally conservative voters found in all political parties.

The first program similar to the kicker being the Alaskan Permanent Fund which kicks out checks based on interest from a rainy day fund. I would support a reform similar to this with the kicker in which it would take a majority vote of the public to tap the rainy day fund. Without a vote of the public any fund of monies will be raided by conservatives and liberals alike.

Politicians routinely blow whatever money they can find on either monuments or bribes to a constiuency - I don't buy that Kulongoski's sudden plan to create a rainy day fund is anything other than election time pandering. Pandering to the unions, i.e. a bribe.

Setting up this mechanism for fiscal stability shoudl have been taking place last election cycle (when it was timely and money wasn't on the table). Notice he didn't have any money to play with back then.

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