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June 13, 2006


It is disgusting to watch the machinations of PPS to derail democracy within these PUBLIC schools.
Some examples:
The student council reps at Jefferson are appointed by the principal. This year they were children of PPS employees.
The site Council at Abernethy was appointed by the principal, not voted on as state law dictates.
The PTA at Jefferson was called on the carpet for having a meeting to ask students for their opinions on the reconfiguration proposals.
Most school site councils were not notified ahead of time when schools were up for closure or major reconfiguration.Phillips did choose to go over to Hollyrood several times to give them a heads up. Notifying site councils is part of PPS policy listed in the "Major School Change" document.
When Site council at King Elementary questioned PPS policy, PPS admin. brought security guards to the meeting and questioned the validity of the Site Council member's authority since they had not had "site Council training".
In 2003 when Edwards parents organized an independent parent group and published a newsletter about school closures that was mildly critical of PPS, parents were not allowed to distribute the newsletter on school property.

Don McAdams, Cathy Mincberg, Gates all talk about tactics for getting their corporate-based agenda put forth. This includes controlling site council membership, hiring public relations directors for the district with political clout, bankrolling sympathetic school board candidates and using parent anger to further their agendas to privatize our schools. The Houstonian tactics for controlling districts from PTAs to Superintendents can no longer be tolerated. Parents,students, teachers, and other workers have got to stand together to save our schools from this dictatorial takeover.

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