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September 18, 2006


"parents should bring guests who are willing to spend money." That's the problem, right there. Title I schools don't have parents or "guests" who can "spend money," and the PSF just exacerbates the problem of inequity in our district. I'm glad the Oregonian finally is catching on to that fact.

This is really well done, Terry. You did a great job of tying this thing back to the mess Saxton made.

Terry also shed light on the politics involved with the PSF back in April. Portland's own brand of the Business Round Table is directly linked to PSF and the hiring of our "reform" minded superintendent who courts the business community. "Closer to home, the Portland Schools Foundation with cooperation from the Portland chapter of Stand for Children has pretty much hand-picked the seven Portland School Board members currently in office. PSF has close ties to the Portland business community which has been pushing the agenda of school closures and consolidation. In other words, school "accountabilty and efficiency" -the business model- is what matters most in local educational politics."

Oooh, Marcia! Don't get me started (again) on Stand for Children. You know, I'm still a member of Stand, even though I can't "stand" it's truly misguided intervention into local educational politics.

The post you mention is this one.

Saxton deserves "merit pay" for his chairmanship. Did he get it?

You folks blaming Saxton for Canada and other PPS ills is laughable. Incredibly false too.
The PPS and PSF have been dominated by protland liberal democrast as long as the current political winds have blown.
Hell it was the Oregonian and all your friends who praised the new contract for Canada, the "Strategic Plan" and the then $70 million levy passing as a recipe for success.

In case you don't know, Canada left a few months later, the "Strategic Plan" (involving countless hours by 600 progressive parents, teachers and administrators quickly became a dust collector, and the $70 million was gone.

You people have zero clue, into internal PPS politics. PSF and Stand only chimed in on board races once they knew which way the wind was blowing. Totally ZERO impact. I can count on one hand, the total number of nonadministrative power players at PPS and only one of them is a board member. PSF, PTA, Stand, CPPS, PSC are not in the lineup at all. Please remember that Ron was only one of two Republicans on the board at one time and the board dynamics are off the chart left of center. It requires the admin and select personalities to massage the board back to reality on key votes.

Ok, MY PPS, enlighten us. Who are the players if not PSF and Stand for children? The business agenda is in operation here in Portland, and it started somewhere. I think it started with PSF, Ron Saxton and the Portland business community at large, as part of the Business Round Table's movement to control education in the U.S.....Usurp local control and push their own ideas forward.

Former PSF board member here (not disgruntled, just disappointed). Name the top 5? I'm not putting targets on the worker bees. Broadly, I'll designate- Board Member, CBRC, PBA, Latino Coalition and APANO.

PSF is about the faces, and not about education excellence. Personality, over performance. The PSF perpetuates inequity in education programming and fails to have even a scintilla of sophistication in strategic planning. Declining shares for equity, no alignment of goals/resources/benchmarks/action plans or outcomes. and certainly no named responsible parties for ensuring any of it gets done. PSF got their rearends handed to them, CORRECTLY, in the selections of Jim Scherzinger and Vicki Phillips. They limped in, enthusiastically, once they knew which direction the wind was blowing.

Stand? Not even a tier 3 player.

OK. You're killing us. Who? David Wynde, Tony Larson, Greg Kantor and who from LC and APANO? I know David told Stand that he was running whether they supported him or not, but isn't he also with the PSF?

I'm not surprised that Saxton backed the wrong horse. Saxton is a Republican, and that's all the disqualifier I need to make my choice. Coast-to-coast over the past 6 years plus, Republican'ts have proven over, and over that literally the only thing that they can manage is a corrupt political campaign. Everything else they touch turns into a train wreck. It's a no-brainer ... just like Ron Saxton.

My child is in the 3rd and final PPS right now. So I'm a parent who has experienced just about the entire PPS, K-12. And, I have my own expereince in the public school system of Montgomery County Maryland with which to compare. And I have no political axe to grind ... I'm not a JOINER to any of that alphabet-soup of orginazations being mentioned. I'm not looking to use the school board as a launch pad for some higher political office.

I just can't stomach Saxton's attack Ad that babbles on about funds appropriated for public Colleges and Universities while simultaneously showing images from K-12 in hopes that his mouth-breather core supporters won't be smart enough to read his own fine print disclaimer. Same old, same old Karl Rove style garbage.

I believe in the old saying attributed to the last decent Republican, Abe Lincoln ... and the only one I'd ever consider voting for too ... you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Of course, Abe was speaking about "people" not the lemmings and sheep that have hijacked the Republican party.


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