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September 28, 2006


sorry to butt in--Terry, email us at loadedorygun-at-gmail, wouldya? There's a conference call I want to tell you about...


Terry - Keith O's ratings are good (it's the only show on MSNBC with any kind of audience growth in the past year). And that, short of some anthrax attempts on his life, should insure he's around for awhile. Thank God!

Most of the 16 intelligence agencies are specialized. The National Security Agency (NSA) operates the spy satellites and does other electronic eavesdropping. The CIA collects information mostly from human sources. The FBI, the only one legally able to operate within the USA, does counter-intelligence (spies on foreign embassies). Treasury has an outfit that collects information on money laundering. The Department of Energy collects information on sensitive energy matters. The NGA does maps.

The Bureau of Intelligence and Research in the State Deparment -- the only one that got the WMD intelligence at least partially right before the invasion of Iraq -- does analysis for State Department policy makers.

That said, there probably is room for some consolidation, especially among the agencies that report to the Department of Defense. Each of the branches of the military -- Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard -- has its own spy outfit. The Defense Intelligency Agency and the NSA and one or two others also report to Defense.

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