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September 29, 2006


Dear Jack:

Today they will define Skilling's jail term. Are we sure Ken Lay is dead. He was young, his case is now vacated and not much was made of his death.

Dear Jack,
Just drove almost 20 miles to purchase your Book. Looking forward to reading it on my flight to Europe. Keep up the good work on CNN.Watch you daily, with interest.
Best Regrds (a Fan).
Tony Farcich
Castro Valley, CA

my husband had atrial fibilation for a period of thirty ongoing days back in september - they used the paddles three times and shocked him back into the proper rhythm - no one had to listen to his story over and over and I don't want to hear about chaney over and over - we must have something better to talk about - how about bringing our boys home that would be better to hear.

Jack (Cafferty), heard you just now on Situation Room and could not believe some of the stuff you said.. Clinton was President when the year 2000-2002 33 month recession began, didn't have a clue! When he left Office in January 2001, the recession was 1 year along and dropping from Dow 11,840 toward it's bottom on October 10, 2002 at around 7,100 (a 40% drop), Bush coming along to inherit an Economy in recession! By November 2002 he/the Republicans had the market turned around and we are now 5 years into a new Bull Market, have DOUBLED the Dow from it's bottom, recently went over Dow 14,200, is now consolidating and has bottomed and is now on the way up to and past both the recent Highest High ever,should reach 16,000 possibly by this year-end. Further, Bush was 17 years old when the CAUSE appeared (1960s) tha has led us into this war which is the EFFECT of weak leadership in the 1960s + our weak public schools system and which no President has picked up-on, Democrat or Repubican (between 1963 to "911" which became the last EFFECT that finally shocked us awake to 40 years of ignoring the problem of remaining INdepedentfor ALL our energy needs/ignoring reality from the 1960s to 2001 in allowing our growing OIL needs to make us vulnerable to outside attacks on this Country" This began under Lyndon Johnson. We KNEW we were arriving at not being able to supply all our energy needs, way back in the 1960s and we were forceably s hown that in 1973 by OPEC, but again, we ignored, until finally "911" woke us up, sort-of. In WWII we Crash Programmed ourselves to the atom bomb, from 1960, we could have and should have done the same about our growing energy needs and lack of foresight and did nothing to look for alternative fuels: We could have been a solar-hydrogen-run Society long before now if we had been realists and responsible to our kids (whose freedoms keep disappearing with our huge DEBT that the American people have allowed to build to obsceme levels for our kids to inherit from their immature, self-centered, short-viewing adults. Words like "spoiled" and "unresponsible" come easily to mind as I look back 60 adult years and see how far and fast maturity and and character have fallen in the last 2 generations. Yes, there was no need for this war in Iraq but o nly if we had acted as we should have in the last 40+ years we have had to get totally INdependent, again, for all our energy needs while at the same time solving many of our growing Environmental probles now surrounding all of us with another 3 billion of us do to make our current 6.6 bilion swell by 50% in the next few years. Sorry, it does not compute: Either we learn to solve the biggest problem facing Mankind ahead of leaving this to someone else to solve, or the future is going to be a very unnice place to live and OOUR fault, not our kids who depend on us until they can grow up and do it more responsibly.

Good Morning Jack: I am writing you from Toronto Canada. If I could vote it would definately be for Obama. Need some young new thoughts in the White House.
I am also curious about his pastors tapes being on the internet. Has anybody investigated to see how they got there. I WONDER!!!!! Any thoughts on this. Dirty pool sure gets played during the elections time.
Thank you for your time

Elaine Pearson

Obama was mintioned about his not seeing the troops in Berlin. Why was this not mentioned. Bush Bans State Department Officials From Obama Rally

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