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October 15, 2006


I read this article when we were out for Sunday breakfast. I had an extreme reaction when I read the part about how Saxton is a strong supporter of education. I actually ripped the paper. I decided I will send the shredded article back to the uneducated editorial board who obviously haven't thought this through.

I had breakfast IN myself, and I didn't read anything but the inserts this morning. ;-)

But, I did respond to the news:

If Oregon (and Portland) schools are chronically underfunded - why do other districts, school systems, and states manage to receive better results with less money?

If money is the only measure of success it would seem Oregon would have successes once in awhile. Over the twenty years I've been watching Portland (several from within the school system) I've seen nothing but dark clouds, dire predictions, yet more money spent.

I, as many others from all political walks of life, have a signficant amount of voter fatigue for the money metric of education.

'Putting "more money in the classroom" is simply a talking point concocted by anti-tax conservatives as a diverson from the real issue: the chronic underfunding of public education.'

I see "more money in the classroom" and "chronic underfunding of education" as superficial sloganeering by people who are unwilling to look directly at Oregon's real K-12 public education challenges which definitely are plural.

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