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November 14, 2006


The kinds of parents that shop around for the "best" schools --meaning the richer and better educated parents

That's why parent choices like charter schools and school vouchers are very important.

Yet those are the very choices that Democrats fight against (while sending their kids to private school). Democrats believe in "We The Government" and not "We The People".

I shopped around for the school that best met the needs of my children...Rieke is my neighborhood school, pretty good by most accounts...but I opted for a focus program because it met my kids' needs on many more levels...

Perhaps I'm better educated...I don't know about richer...and a Democrat to boot! You're may be right about the Dem opposition to charter and voucher're absolutely wrong in your Govt vs. People comment...nice polarizing comment tho, almost made me want to say generalized negative things about Republicans...caught myself though, it was probably my liberal upbringing.



Does "cannon fodder" apply to all current, past and future members of the armed forces?


Are you saying you would be "shopping around" for suitable private schools if the public schools did not provide a sufficient choice of magnet and special-focus schools?

We were in PPS...they made little effort to accomodate educational needs of my oldest fact, it was an almost contentious we moved to a private school...

Then, I looked at a focus program k-8 in which the teacher stays with the student for sections...k12...345...678...and were passionate about the goals of the program...sympathetic to the needs of the student...and wanted parent involvement...very different than my experience at Rieke or the private school.

So, yes...if PPS did not meet the needs of our family...I would willingly "look" at other possibilities.


Thank you for responding Doc. Your experience confirms the view that a good learning environment depends mostly upon the school building, its staff, the resources they have to work with and a high level of parental or community involvement.

One of the best things about Winterhaven is the size. While Superintendent Phillips is requiring all K-5 schools to be at an enrollment of 400-600 students, Winterhaven, a K-8 school with three additional grade levels, thrives with only 350 students. A private education at a public school indeed. Most Winterhaven parents I know are not so willing to admit that that is what's going on.

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