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January 21, 2008


What about those of us on the left (I mean really on the left) who would criticize Clinton and LBJ?

I can see from the perspective of party unity we should zip it, but I'm not a member of the Democratic Party.

Let's not forget that Bill Moyers is more than a little biased about LBJ, having gotten his start in politics and public policy as an intern with then-Senator Johnson in 1954, and was a top aid to President Johnson.

With that in mind, I think Ehrenreich and Zinn are probably better suited to provide analysis of LBJ's legacy (which is certainly not all bad, Viet Nam notwithstanding).

I should also add, when primary candidates have converged so closely on most issues, as Obama and Clinton have, it's no surprise when things get personal.

Seriously, what policy differences should they focus on?

I'm to the left of all three leading Dem candidates, and I have been critical of all three on the issues.

Accusations (or intimations) of dirty tricks are not the way to advance a substantive debate.

I agree Terry. I am much more interested in the issues especially when it comes to a concrete plan regarding Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. And in the end, no matter who is elected, a strong movement for democracy, justice and peace is what will make this happen. Change happens from the bottom up.

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