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February 20, 2008


And what are Clinton supporters going to do if Obama wins? Clinton supporters make pretty much the same attacks on Obama and Obama supporters in comments on various blogs. Just a couple of examples:

"obama (sic) supporters are like bush supporters. there is no doubt in my mind that at least to the extent they appear on blogs, people who support obama (sic) are simply not people are just disgraceful."

"Obama is a chicken and he should be … he does not have the command of the subject matter that Hillary does and a debate is the best way to show that..."

As an aside, John McCain is pretty much using Hillary's talking points on Obama almost verbatim. Just who is giving who fodder?

I found another pertinent link to share:

Lots of very slimy stuff coming from Hillary supporters.

Perhaps you're right, Stacy.

There's a difference, however, between random comments found on random blogs and the typically informed remarks on a site like Blue Oregon. And then there's Chuck Currie, a man I generally admire. His attacks on Hillary are unfounded and most disappointing.

Mind you, I'm not a Hillary supporter. But the level of discourse in this campaign --particularly the attacks on "the Clintons"-- are beyond the pale.

The public have "short memories" and by the time the election comes around, they will be forgotten (and replaced by new partisan attacks)

The problem Hillary has is that she has always evoked strong negatives from many independents, while Obama doesn't. I was a Clinton supporter until I saw the debate before the SC Primary and the behaviour of Bill Clinton. Now I have "HOPE" for a better government.

Most polls are predicting a Demo victory only if Obama is the candidate. I find this hard to believe myself. What most of the pundits fail to recognize is the high negatives the GOP is saddles with thanks to GWB's mismanagement of the Presidency.

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