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February 01, 2008


Well, the O reports that the reason for ditching the Schools Fair is that the $ has dried up, but I have to observe that the timing is pretty convenient. At this point, thanks to the "reconfigurations" of the past two years, the schools that receive the most applications for transfers-in (e.g., Alameda, Hollyrood-Fernwood, Laurelhurst) are stuffed to the gills and won't have room for those extra kids any more. No point in marketing openings you don't have.

Thanks for the kind words, Terry.

I should point out that PPS Equity is a continuation of years of work by many people from all over Portland. The message I've been honing is far from original. It is built on the hard work of the Neighborhood Schools Alliance, including you and (in no particular order) Nancy Smith, Nicole Breedlove, Lakeitha Elliot, Lynn Schore, Steve Linder, Anne Trudeau, Ruth Adkins and of course Wacky Mommy, and quite a few people I've never met and whose names I can't recall right off hand.

In a certain sense, my job now a lot easier than all the heavy lifting that came before. I just happen to be good at the tech stuff, so I'm glad to set up a framework to facilitate our common cause.

Let's keep it going!

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