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March 14, 2008


The bill is not small for Magellan and DeJong. It is nearly a million dollars at last count.

don't stop with Magellan. Mincberg should go bye bye too.

Magellan, DeJong, Mincberg AND Leslie Rennie-Hill formerly of the Portland Schools Foundation ALL need to go. These folks were all hired under Superintendent Phillips. PPS can't move forward and thrive until Superintendent Smith cleans house of the toxic crud left behind by Vicki Phillips.

You guys are singing my song. There needs to be a serious housecleaning at PPS. Mincberg needs to go. That's why I have never found Super Smith's Portland roots and solid resume compelling. As Phillip's chief-of-staff, she is the last person who would come in and destroy her ex-boss's legacy by cleaning house as so badly needs to be done. Toxic crud is right. Phillips and her legacy are an ill wind. We need some fresh air.

Gotta say, though, after having seen that meeting, that it seemed like the whole board was less than overwhelmed with the plans for the high school review.

Dejong & Magellan are in Austin, Texas right now and they just stuck their foot in a Texas sized hill of red ant angry community members!

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