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March 13, 2008


Watching the meeting Monday, with all its PowerPoint and buzzword soup led me to a sad conclusion.

The Carole Smith honeymoon is over. We're just seeing more of the same old, same old.

The word "equity" has been co-opted. I keep hearing it, but I'm still not seeing it.

I hear Jefferson may be losing as many as 4 FTE next year.

If they are not debating in the meetings, like they should, (open government, transparency, standing up for what you think is correct and stating that to your constituents etc.) then the debates are taking place somewhere else. Or by somebody else. Your pick.

Steve R., I am so surprised you can't see the equitableness of PPS -- after all, each kid has the same administration, is in a classroom, has a teacher, is in a school, how much more equitable do you want it to be? We've always been "equitable", just needed someone to bring the term to the forefront. Goes hand in hand with "closing the achievement gap" (pretty much an impossibility unless the kids at the top quit learning so the others can catch up), "strengthening neighborhood schools" (something all of the board members had as part of their campaign platforms), "increasing achievement" (meaning more improved test scores on a seqment of what might be termed education), "educational excellence" (see increasing achievement above), and "becoming world class competitive" (with third world countries I now presume).

Since when does the school board count as a democracy? Why would they need to have a debate? Would you rather they stage one for the public's sake? I often wonder if they debate before the board meetings which is why they look so somber...

I would rather they have honest debates which are public. It is how you hold your elected representatives accountable -- a basic tenet of any democracy.

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