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March 16, 2008


Exactly, this is irresponsible reporting at it's worse! Kimberly Joers had nothing to do with these investigations and journalists should get their facts straight before writing such "crap". Don't you idiots realize the pain you cause the people and the families you write about incorrectly? Although Kim had made a mistake (harming only herself) she's made to look like an uncaring nurse when in fact nursing is her life; something she had to work incrediably hard accomplish.
Get it straight or find another profession!

Sherry Hall is mistaken when she states Kimberly Joers' poor choices affect only herself. She is stealing from her employer (the county, supported by the tax dollars we all contribute). She steals from her patients, leaving them in pain while serving her addiction to medications she does not need. It's difficult to believe that nursing is her life when she has done so much contrary to the basic ideal of nursing-putting patient needs at least on a par to her own selfish ones. I strongly suggest she find put the same effort into getting clean that she put into her nursing degree and then find another career. She does not deserve the trust that is earned with a nursing license.

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