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May 27, 2008


What is dismaying, but not surprising, is that global warming has not become a salient issue in the presidential race. It's not surprising because most voters undoubtedly believe that global warming will not affect them, perhaps ever, but at least not in their lifetimes.

They are wrong. The federal government -- yes, that's George Bush's federal government -- published a report yesterday that concluded that human-generated carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have already caused more frequent forest fires, reduced snowpack and increased drought, especially in the Western United States. The reduced snowpack translates into reduced levels of fresh water in our reservoirs and rivers that can be used for drinking and irrigation.

Unfortunately, most Americans voters would rather have reduced gas prices -- allowing them to drive more and burn more fossil fuels -- than make the sacrifices necessary to combat global warming. Our presidential candidates know this, which is why they haven't made global warming a central theme of their campaigns.


Not only dismaying, but scandalous, which is why I'm not terribly excited by Obama's candidacy.

I will vote for him in November, however. It's time to end Republican rule.

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