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June 29, 2008



I urge you to take a look at the factual information available on gun control at

As ideal as a working ban on handguns might be, it is unfortunately not possible; handgun bans and gun laws in general only affect the law-abiding citizen, making it harder for him or her to protect him or herself from criminals that do not follow gun laws. In the United States, it has been consistently demonstrated that areas with the highest degree of gun control also have the highest degree of violent and firearm-related crime. This is because criminals obtain guns anyway, and it is far easier for them to exploit law-abiding citizens when they know that law-abiding citizens won't be carrying guns.

I don't understand how you can think that allowing citizens to own handguns won't protect them, nor have I found any examples of "out-of-control vigilantism" in areas where handguns are allowed to be owned and carried. Do you think it is just coincidence that the most crime-ridden cities in this country, like Washington D.C., have been the ones with the most gun control?

I can't wait to see the gun control advocates' reaction to dropping crime rates in D.C. now that citizens there have finally been given the reasonable right to protect themselves.

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