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June 12, 2008


Thanks for your principled statement, Terry. One of the ironies of Obama's pandering is that it is likely to increase anti-Semitism of the Jewish kind (Arabs are also Semites, and they are obviously more vulnerable than Jews at this time). I have never in my 62 years encountered as much blatant anti-Jewish or anti-Arab sentiment as I have in the past few years, and Obama's reprehensible conduct merely lends credence to the foolish belief that Jews control U.S. society, i.e., poor Barack wanted to defend the Arabs, but the Jews wouldn't let him.

I agree with you about the media in general and Blue Oregon, to which I post occasionally (Supremes: Gitmo Detainees Can Appeal - I responded several times on this thread), in particular. BO does allow dissent, but the topic is controlled. I recommend that progressively-disposed people post there to move the conversation to the progressive center away from the DP's rightward perch.

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