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August 05, 2008


The "Think Out Loud" radio program on Oregon Public Radio from 9am-10am Wednesday August 6 will be about testing and NCLB. Readers of this blog can comment on line now by going to
Your comments will probably be included in the program. It would be great if you could send them something Terry. I would love to see your views and experience get to a wider audience.

This is from the OPB website:
Schools Left Behind
[Posted by Sarah Jane Rothenfluch on August 5, 2008]

The Oregon Department of Education released the ratings of the state’s schools under No Child Left Behind yesterday. More than 430 schools failed to meet the national targets. This year schools were supposed to get 60 percent of their students –- including English as a second language, special education and minorities -- to pass reading and math tests. This is ten percent higher than last year’s standard. It appears to be very bad news, but what do these results really mean?

Most schools face no consequences right now, but if they fall short again next year they may be forced to give students transfer rights and free bus rides to better-rated schools.

Is your child at one of the failings schools? How does that impact the way you look at their education? If the school fails again will you transfer them? Do you want to move them now? Are you a teacher or administrator? What do these ratings mean to you? Does it improve -- or hurt -- the education system?

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