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September 04, 2008


Terry, I'm not sure why you take this person seriously.

I'm not paying any attention to her, so maybe this is well known, but is there any evidence she was ever a true Hillary supporter? Even if she was, is there any evidence that any of her 700 followers were? What did she blog about before Hillary lost the primary? What did she blog two years ago?

Even if she's not a 100% hoax, her "movement" certainly is. Pure, unadulterated fiction.

Come on, let's talk about Palin instead. What good Democrat isn't salivating over this? I think a lot of Hillary supporters are excited about Palin, just not for the reasons the PUMA gals think.

I'm just waiting for the revelation of one of those big oil kickbacks that bubble up like sweet crude in the backyards of most every Alaska politician, especially the Republicans. Or, barring anything better, the Alaska legislature's report on "troopergate" -- her attempt to fire her brother-in-law whilst he was engaged in a bitter divorce with her sister -- a few days before the election.

This is shaping up to be a very entertaining election.

"feminist hero?" She may be female, but she is no feminist.

As you say, Steve, this election should prove to be entertaining, and Darragh Murphy, for me, is part of the entertainment.

Why do I take her seriously? I don't. But she is one smart cookie with a huge following. I mean 700 (now over 800) comments on a single blog post is stratospheric, and we both know that commenters represent a fraction of a blog's actual readership.

I don't think that Darragh had a blog before the defeat of Hillary. All these PUMA's claim to be good Democrats. So it's shocking to see them embrace a rightwing nutcase like Palin all because their candidate --Hillary-- was treated unfairly.

Truth be told, some of Darragh's criticisms of the Dems and the DNC I can buy into. But that said, the Dems look mighty appealing after witnessing the Palin mania evident at the Republican Convention.

I heard Arianna Huffington last night call Sarah Palin a distraction. I agree. So I probably won't devote much more blog space to her extreme right wing positions and her frequent fabrications.

Our friend Rick Seifert over at The Red Electric predicted a couple of days ago that Palin would be gone from the ticket soon.

We'll see.

For your amusement, here's Darragh's latest offering.

By the way, I don't believe for a second that the PUMA movement is a hoax. These women are pissed!

Actually, I'm pissed too. Obama screwed up not naming Hillary as his VP, with her 18 million votes. Now we have to sweat through an ultra close election with a real risk that a right wing nutcase becomes one 72 year old heart beat away from holding the keys to the car. Now THAT's scary. I do not believe that an Obama/Hillary ticket could have been beaten. Presumably, you have now abandoned any thought of entering a protest vote in favor of any 3rd party candidate? This is too important, right?

Part of me also thought that Obama/Clinton would have been unbeatable.

My take on Palin is that she's far more of a liability to McCain than an asset. PUMA, hoax or not, is not a movement. Does anybody know an actual Clinton supporter in real life who thinks McCain/Palin would be anything like Clinton policy-wise?

I think by choosing Palin, McCain made the race Obama's to lose.

Now, I will never, ever underestimate the Democractic Party's ability to blow a gimme election (like 2000 and 2004, for example). But unless pictures emerge of Obama peeing on the US flag or hugging on Osama bin Laden, he ought to coast to a victory over this self-caricature of a GOP ticket.

I hope you're right!

Right about the ability for the Democrats to blow a gimme? Or right that Obama ought to be able to coast to a victory?

These are diametrically opposed forces, and I suspect they will lead to another unnecessarily close presidential election and the Dems blaming Ralph Nader (or PUMA) if their candidate fails to clean up.

We still haven't seen the full force of the Obama campaign. Lets us not underestimate his abilities in this area.

I think it will come down to turnout. If the youth vote materializes (as it has not in previous elections) then Obama will win. He already has an advantage in the general Hispanic vote which will help him win Colorado. If he can energize the youth vote, so goes Ohio.

Obama made a big mistake not putting Hillary on the ticket, but its far from limited to the PUMA problem. The evidence indicates that Obama will not capture a significant percentage of the 18 million Hillary votes. Nader's trivial by comparison to the blown opportunity for a winning Obama/Clinton ticket.

Those 800-strong comment threads read exactly like sock puppets. There might be a few real bloggers in there, but it's a thin web of astroturfing, much like the hillaryis44 site. It does not stand up to a careful analysis.

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