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September 11, 2008


Education is the one place where Obama doesn't seem to get it. I wonder if it is a lack of sophistication or he just buys into the upper middle class value system in regard to education -- what's best for my kids is also what's best for everyone's kids. Hard to say. The main thing I liked about Hillary was that she saw the need to dump NCLB -- somehow she got it. Go Obama -- we are truly screwed if he doesn't make it.

We are screwed whether or not Obama wins.

The "achievement gap" folks have won, and their agenda of privatization is in place all across the nation. They created the lexicon, and no discussion of education policy at any level in this country leaves out their code words.

No Child Left Behind is not likely to be repealed under an Obama administration, and local school board members who refuse to pass resolutions condemning this law while they wait for Obama to ride in on his white horse are going to look pretty silly when little or nothing of significance changes in this regard.

Your positive spin is dead on, but unfortunately our local policy makers don't get it. At all.

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