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September 05, 2008


Regarding your comments about the effect of the new "Marketside" stores by Wal-mart and whether they will continue the low-wage, low-benefits policy of their parent company, I offer this concept to consider: having been a former union officer I saw first-hand how union support waned when new companies came along and offered very good benefits without unions, making it more tempting for union-shop employees to "jump-ship." But here's the catch (you could call it bait-and-switch) these new non-union shops kept the goodies flowing to the new (former union) employees just long enough to force their union competition to close their doors. Once the competition went away, so did the benefits. With no old job to return to the employee was stuck with the poorer job.

Here's a chart comparing Obama vs. McCain on women's issues:

Also, check out

I would like to address a comment I heard on CNN regarding Senator Palin. As if I already did not have reason enough to dis-like her, I believe it was Wolf Blitzer who stated her campaign was now targeting the “Walmart Moms”, who are, and I believe this is a quote “undereducated, lower class”. To address that remark, and I certainly wish someone else would, I take my bachelors degreed, middle class Walmart Mom self to Walmart almost weekly, as I am smart enough to realize savings when I see them. And they have the nerve to say Senator Obama is “elitist”!

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