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October 03, 2008


Hey, what about "clean coal and safe nuclear"? You're darn right that's a coupla oxymorons! You betcha!

(At least Biden can pronounce nuke-ya-ler correctly.)

The Dems have never been tough on Israel or friends of Palestine. But they used to pretend to care about the environment.

(On a light note, do you think Palin's face was hurting after forcing that smile for 90 minutes?)

I was impressed by Joe's description of Dick Cheney as a dangerous man as well as his concise statement proving that the founders clearly intended that the vice president is a member of the executive branch and not the legislative branch of the federal government. Sarah Palin, as usual, evaded the question entirely and used her doggon, wink, wink, prerogative to spout repetitive generalities under the fiction of "talking directly" to the, aw shucks, common people like her.

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