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October 19, 2008


So glad you pointed out the irony of the PPS healthy environment and healthy children policies and how the transfer policy serves to undermine that. Destroying the network of neighborhood schools that was in place has done so much harm to our community, the health of our children, and the environment. The "greenwashing" the district congratulating itself for their environmental efforts is so ironic.

In addition to school choice, the recent school closures have greatly contributed to this irony. The elimination of neighborhood schools, Rose City & Clarendon come to mind, and boundary changes along socio-economic lines have created "neighborhood" schools that are beyond what is reasonable. For example, there is a distance of almost 2 miles from the far end of its boundary to Alameda (57th & Sandy).

In addition, the creation of 8th grade academies at high schools, a result of overcrowding that closures created, have resulted in another situation where even more kids must rely upon cars/buses to get to school.

There is a lot of hypocrisy within our city. We are willing to spend big bucks on green buildings and organic produce. But when it comes to maintaining our wonderful sustainable neighborhood school system, we get a big fat "F."

Well put, Anne and Marian. The district "greenwashing" is indeed ironic. And district policies toward neighborhood schools do deserve a failing grade.

That's how I see it anyway.

We went through this at Buckman, and then again at Winterhaven. The children who, shall I say, were lucky enough
to be able to participate in the Walk + Bike Day were rewarded with doodads and kudos. Those who came from far
neighborhoods, through no fault of their own, were left out. Even if they took Tri-met on their own at 11. (though
some distant parents did load the bikes onto the rack and let the kid ride the last few blocks) ...When I asked mine
if I should park a few blocks away and let him walk he said it would be cheating.
What I guess I'm trying to say is that "walk+bike days" are pretty pointless when we don't have decent schools that
we can reasonably walk or bike to in every neighborhood...

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