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October 31, 2008


Hi Terry,

I made clear high in my story that Obama's plan was "substantially different" than Sizemore's measure. I even detailed what's happening in Denver as an example of what Obama talks about when he talks about merit pay on the campaign trail.

It was disheartening to see Gov. Roberts did not read my story carefully. At the end, I also include a quote from Obama making the same point you did (that merit pay systems should be designed with teacher, he says.)

My two cents.

Happy Halloween!


Well, I'm on your side Beth. Maybe Gov. Roberts didn't read beyond the first two paragraphs

Interesting to note that in the educational reform movement there are the pro charter people (Obama) and the Procharter/pro-voucher people. (McCain) This came up during the presidential debate. I know Vicki Phillips was pro-charter but clearly anti-voucher.

Speaking for myself I believe that to be true Anne. I have always been vehemently anti-voucher, but generally pro-charter.

When I heard Obama speak on education I was dismayed that he talked about merit pay. Nice to find out he is more sensible than I was led to believe. Hillarly was for getting rid of NCLB. Wish my man, Obama, would take up that standard. We can only hope.

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