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November 20, 2008


Democratic governors of Oregon have ignored the revenue crisis for years. Now that they have a super majority in the house, they have no excuses.

Now Ted, who has been extremely erratic about the looming crisis (is ed sacred or not?), wants across-the-board cuts.

Our revenue stream needs a comprehensive overhaul. If the coming legislative session doesn't address this, we're all screwed. And they're not likely to address it if Ted doesn't take the lead.

Why the hell are Oregonians so flippin' timid?

I agree Steve. Every two years as Oregon legislators approach a new budget cycle, the governor and legislators seem surprised that we don't have enough money and talk about the agonizing decisions they have to make about which essential service they will have to cut. How about changing the state tax structure?

Phil Knight just gave millions to OHSU for a cancer center which will have his name on it. People were praising him and I am thinking "When he starts paying fair taxes on NIKE earnings then I will celebrate." Until then Knight's charity and similar "gifts" from mega billionaires like Gates and Buffet do not impress me. This is chump change to them, and they get to control where it goes and how it gets used. I want the taxes and I want the public to decide. We don't need charity. We need justice and democracy.

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