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November 10, 2008


So why are you cautiously optimistic? Isn't it plain that the DP has succeeded in betraying its base once again?

Every four years, the DP runs someone further to the right than the last time, and "the left", e.g., Dennis Kucinich, ends up supporting any war-mongering corporatist who comes down the pike. Let's recall that "the most liberal member of the Senate" four years ago was John Kerry, who begged John McCain to be his running mate. The DP would now be calling McCain a progressive if he had accepted.

So, Harry, you want to nominate someone from the screaming-truths-in-the-wilderness wing of the party so that he/she can be trounced in something like an 80-20 landslide? That doesn't strike me as smart or productive for liberals or screamers.

trueblue: Your presumption seems to be that the election of Democrats, no matter how morally corrupt, is all that matters. Is there nothing that your heroes might do that would cause you to reject them?

The front line in this denial of democracy is the Democratic Party because it is the instrument that controls, channels and co-opts the forces that otherwise could challenge the rule of concentrated money.

It is precisely the "differences" between the two major parties that makes the system effective.

And the front line in the battle for the control of money over people are the so-called "progressive" Democrats who talk the talk. They confuse people, prevent free elections, and fight hardest to undermine a Nader/Camejo candidacy or a Nader/Gonzalez candidacy or any other candidacy whose voice for democracy begins to be heard.

They may think they are helping move the country toward a more progressive agenda. But in fact, they are deepening the illusion that answers can be found through the Democratic Party. In turn, this reinforces the two-party domination over the United States, making possible the horrendous policies we have seen over the last eight years. (Peter Camejo, The Wages of Left Capitulation)

No, my presumption is that mainstream democrats are better than republicans. I'm a realist. I seek evolution not revolution.

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