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December 30, 2008


Hi. I saw the show too. You're was a Chris Matthews MSNBC documentary on the Bush presidency. At the very end, I cringed when some commentator said there actually were a couple of bright spots to the Bush legacy. I knew what was coming and sure enough, the ignoramus praised NCLB.

I just recently discovered your blog. Thank you for your insights.

Thanks Tauna.

I can't remember the name of the "ignoramus" but he's a fairly well known journalist.

I've discovered some really good sites through your blog, Tauna. A lot of people out there understand the fraud of the so called "reform" movement, which amounts to little more than a heavy reliance on standardized testing to hold public schools accountable for their "failures".

Teach for America has become a co-conspirator in that movement. I'm happy to see others delve more deeply into the TFA collusion with reactionary educators like Michelle Rhee.

Thanks again for your good work, Tauna.

Thanks Terry and Tauna for reminding us that NCLB is designed to line the pockets of individuals and corporations and has nothing to do with improving education. The Democrats at all levels have been reluctant to criticize it. Arne Duncan as the Secretary of Ed. we will have to continue to fight to abolish NCLB.
Susan Ohanian's site is full of good information about all this.

Repealing NCLB in its entirety and returning the ESEA to its pre-Bush state would be a good place to start.

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