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December 08, 2008


Michelle Rhee, D.C. Chancellor of schools, was on Charlie Rose on 7/14/08:


Greg Palast (Is Obama Getting Bad Advice on His Appointments?) warns, "Trial balloons lofted in the Washington Post suggest President-elect Obama is about to select Joel Klein as secretary of education...Klein is as qualified to run the Department of Education as Vice President Dick Cheney is to dance in 'Swan Lake.'"

Not only has Klein paid for his NYC testing and consultant-heavy "program" by yanking teachers from the classroom, he has cheated on his measurements of "success" by lowering the level required to pass!

Furthermore, according to Palast, "The anti-union establishment has a second-stringer on the bench waiting in case Klein is nixed: Arne Duncan...appointed by Chicago's Richard M. Daley to head that city's train-wreck of a school system. Think of Duncan as 'Klein Lite.'"

But, of course, Obama is less evil and less insane than McCain would have been.

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