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January 08, 2009


Maybe I was a little too hard on Griffin... really, it's the whole "I'm a big city opinion columnist and I'm really friggin' important" thing that bugs me. I mean, really. Most of them have little or nothing to say, at least that hasn't been said better and earlier on the blogs. I could write that crap in my sleep... but then I couldn't live with myself.

And as far as apologies go, try this on for size:

Terry, I'm sorry I called you a jerk. But you really can be a jerk sometimes. Anyway, I apologize. Just don't be a jerk, OK?

Seriously! Not only is she "not backpedaling off of [her] perceptions of Amanda's pros and cons," she's not backing off from the insult, either, or showing even the smallest smidgen of humility (which is generally expected in apologies), or articulating a nuanced understanding of the double standards women face in elected office.

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