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January 05, 2009


U.S.-Israel is depending on us to remain uninformed and complacent. They are repeating the same tactics that they employed two years ago when Israel attacked Lebanon and all of our Oregon non-representatives not only gave their unqualified support, but refused to call for a cease-fire. As with Lebanon, they are ignoring Israeli provocations that preceded the actions of their much weaker foes. Go to Israel Is Killing Palestinians in Gaza w/ U.S. Weapons to take action.

Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights is calling for a protest this Thursday at the Multnomah County Democrats Central Committee meeting.

Confront Oregon Democrats over the Democratic leadership's shameful support of this carnage against the people of Gaza:

Multnomah Democrats Central Committee Meeting/Election of Officers

Social hour at 6 PM
Meeting begins at 7 PM
Hollywood Senior Center
1820 NE 40th Ave., Portland

For more information go to:

Excerpts from the news:
"At least 40 people have been killed in an Israeli air strike on a United Nations-run school in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical sources have said."

"A Palestinian woman, her four children, were killed in a recent Israeli air strike in Gaza, and more Palestinian civilians are being killed by the hour as the Israeli army continues its air strikes and ground offensive against the residents of Gaza. At least 550 Palestinians, including women and children, have been killed and more than 2700 were wounded.

The ground offensive was launched on Sunday evening, so far over 70 residents, including 21 children and 11 women were killed and over 371 were wounded."

"The UN has warned that power networks were down in large parts of the Gaza Strip on 4 January, with hospitals relying on generators. Without power for pumps, 70 percent of Gazans are estimated to be without tap water. Israel has been blocking fuel supplies, and stocks are dwindling, the latest (4 January) report by the UN's humanitarian coordinator in the occupied Palestinian territories said."

Iran has spent millions arming Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon to periodically provoke conflict with Israel, wait for the inevitable civilian casualties, bring down the world's opprobrium on Israel, force Israel into an untenable cease-fire -- exactly as happened in Lebanon. Then, as in Lebanon, rearm, rebuild and mobilize for the next round. Perpetual war. Since its raison d'etre is the eradication of Israel, there are only two possible outcomes: the defeat of Hamas and Hezbollah (Iran's surrogates) or the extinction of Israel.

Folks, do not be duped by Iran whose president is dedicated to wiping Israel off the face of the earth and turning the clock back centuries to a monotheistic Shiite world government.

Howard's zionist propaganda is losing its luster.

Even Earl Blumenauer, who was a cheerleader for the carnage in Lebanon, has called for a cease-fire in Gaza, albeit too late to prevent the murders of hundreds of innocents. The irony of historical U.S. support for a racist, hegemonist Israeli state is that it leads to an increase in real anti-semitism of the Jewish kind. Slimy bigots are crawling out from under their rocks to proclaim that the history of all negative events are a zionist conspiracy.

When will Obama end his silence and call for a cease-fire? ("One president at a time" didn't prevent him from addressing the economic collapse.) Even Earl Blumenauer, who was a cheerleader for the attack on Lebanon, has called for a cease-fire.

"Every Palestinian has become a prisoner. Gaza is surrounded by an electrified fence on three sides: imprisoned like animals, Gazans are unable to move, unable to work, unable to sell their vegetables or fruit, unable to go to school. They are exposed from the air to Israeli planes and helicopters and are gunned down like turkeys on the ground by tanks and machine guns. Impoverished and starved, Gaza is a human nightmare.

Hope has been eliminated from the Palestinian vocabulary so that only raw defiance remains.

Palestinians must die a slow death so that Israel can have its security, which is just around the corner but cannot be realized because of the special Israeli "insecurity." The whole world must sympathize, while the cries of Palestinian orphans, sick old women, bereaved communities, and tortured prisoners simply go unheard and unrecorded. Doubtless, we will be told, these horrors serve a larger purpose than mere sadistic cruelty. After all, "the two sides" are engaged in a "cycle of violence" that has to be stopped, sometime, somewhere. Once in a while we ought to pause and declare indignantly that there is only one side with an army and a country: the other is a stateless dispossessed population of people without rights or any present way of securing them. The language of suffering and concrete daily life has been either hijacked or so perverted as, in my opinion, to be useless except as pure fiction deployed as a screen for the purpose of more killing and painstaking torture - slowly, fastidiously, inexorably.

That is the truth of what Palestinians suffer."

---Edward Said, August 2002

A "monotheistic Shiite world government", Howard? Slightly overstated, don't you think?

The issue here is not Iran, nor is it any sect of any religion. It's about human rights, Palestinian human rights, which have long been abrogated by the Israeli government.

Palestinians, by the way, are largely Sunni Muslims, with a significant minority Christian. Hamas, too, is Sunni, not Shiite.

Iran's support for Sunni Hamas and other Palestinins is simple: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Hezbollah is a Shiite militant organization. Ahmadinijad made a speech within the last year aspiring to a monotheistic Shiite world government.

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