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January 29, 2009


As I posted this afternoon at Loaded O, he was back on her show yesterday, to talk about getting a little more transit included back in, and why Obama spent more time with the GOP listening to their concerns, than progressive Dems.

Go Pete! Yay Rachel!

Oh, PS--your video link goes nowhere.:)

Thanks, TJ. It's actually a transcript link and now it works.

You gotta love Pete DeFazio. And Rachel Maddow.

I like DeFazio as well. He had the good sense to vote against Bush's Wall Street bail-out plan. However, notwithstanding his criticisms of Obama's stimulus package, he voted for it.

I guess that, in the real world, you sometimes accept policies, bills, treaties and such that you don't entirely like because you realize that you aren't likely to get anything better.

Yeah, hysterical much?

"All the Obama regime sees is a 'credit problem.' But the crisis goes far beyond banks’ bad investments. The United States is busted. Many of the state governments are busted. Homeowners are busted. Consumers are busted. Jobs are busted. Companies are busted.

"And Obama thinks he has the money to fight wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan...

"Washington is so accustomed to ripping off the taxpayers for the benefit of special interests that the practice is now in the DNA. While bailouts are being piled upon bailouts, wars are being piled upon wars.

"Before Obama gets in any deeper, he must ask his economic team where the money is coming from. When he finds out, he needs to tell the rest of us."

(Is It Time to Bail Out of the US? - Astonishing Incongruities By Paul Craig Roberts)

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