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April 27, 2009


One thing about which the Far-Right (RP) is correct: there's a shitload of hypocrisy going on with the Right (DP).

Obama is guilty of the train of criminality inherited from Bushco as well as of his own crimes in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Choosing to fail to prosecute war criminals ("Looking to the future rather than the past") is another Obama war crime.

"President Obama, by declaring that his administration will protect those who committed or conspired to commit torture despite the U.S. obligation under both domestic and international law to prosecute such individuals, is effectively reaffirming that same interpretation of Executive power adopted under the Bush administration." (Obama, American Ideals, and Torture as ‘a useful tool’)

"The fact is that the president already did incredible damage to the accountability movement, and possibly acted unconstitutionally and in contravention of international law, by publicly—and repeatedly—stating that he will not allow prosecution of the CIA torturers because they were 'in good faith' following evil orders." (A Closer Look at Obama's 'New' Position on Torture Prosecutions)

"Its one thing to anticipate Obama's many nauseating accommodations with - and advance (under new 'liberal' cover) of - Empire and Inequality, Incorporated. It's another thing to watch the worst aspects of the predictable ugliness unfold." (Barack Obama, Torture, and Habeas Corpus: Unsurprised but Shocked Nonetheless)

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