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April 04, 2009


As a single-payer advocate for many years, I also was enraged by this program. But let's be honest: the Obama Administration is the single most important obstacle to a sane economy (including health care policy) or a sane foreign policy.

David Sirota says, "We, the Democratic coalition, are the ones who have the overwhelming power to change things, or not change things, and barely a day goes by where we don't see evidence of Democrats - not Republicans - standing in the way of change...Spending most of our time bashing Republicans and not pressuring Democrats is a politically stupid waste of time." (Why Progressives Must Push Democrats, Not Just Bash Republicans)

Well, Harry, I do my part in pressuring Democrats.

Yes, you do, Terry. Keep it up, brother.

FAIR also provided a venue for protesting PBS's ignominious support for corporatism (Frontline Distorts Global Healthcare Options).

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