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May 24, 2009


Re: "..if we liberals only elect more Democrats to public office, our problems will be solved.."

I'm not humble: I told you so.

And when will the former progressives who a few months ago were calling for the impeachment of Republicans end their hypocrisy and call for the impeachment of Democrats?

The chickens have come home to roost, and the rest of us have egg on our faces.

I support single-payer health care. But I also believe that we can't go even one more year without providing comprehensive health care to the 50 million Americans who don't have it today.

Even if there were unanimous support in the Congress for single-payer, it would take a decade to phase in. Why? Because single-payer means abolishing the health insurance industry. Now, I'm not one to weep for that industry - but we should all note that there are roughly a half-million to a million people directly employed by the health insurance industry. We'd have to phase it in in order to avoid rocking our economy even further.

It seems to me that the current effort - to enact universal, comprehensive health reform that includes high-quality, affordable, nondiscriminatory, portable health insurance for all (perhaps with a public option) - is exactly what Congress should be doing.

Let's get people covered. And then we can fight over the financing mechanism.

According to what I've read, Kari, Canada did just that --abolish the private health insurance industry-- 38 years ago.

If they can do it, why can't we?

What Kari, Barack and Nancy, et al, seem unable to comprehend is the fact that their "public option" proselytizing has been refuted by many single payer advocates, including PNHP activists like Dr. Rick Staggenborg of Coos Bay, who recently wrote:

"The only proposals being seriously considered are bailouts to the failing health insurance industry. One is a neutered 'public option' designed to not be competitive with these inefficient insurers. The other is Wyden’s ambitious yet fatally flawed proposal to provide 'the same level of care as members of Congress receives' through these same inefficient insurance providers who are on the brink of bankruptcy without massive taxpayer cash infusions. This is the only reason they are negotiating for 'reform.' No wonder it is the only proposal thus far with bipartisan support.

"It is time for Oregonians to tell our elected officials that they represent us, not corporations. There is overwhelming support for single payer now, not another corporate bailout. If, like me, you are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore, let them know!"

My wife wrote this " Ode to Baucus" to the tune of "Crying time":

Oh it's sell-out time again for Senator Baucus.
I can see that greedy look shine in his eyes,
I can tell by who is sitting 'round the table,
That it won't be long before it's sell-out time.

Oh it's crying time again for We the People.
We lost savings, wages, jobs and homes.
"Single Payer" is not on the table
Special interests are in control.

Corporations have us by the collar,
making billions from denying care,
buying congress with 'd almighty dollar,
"hope and change" is being displaced with despair.

Oh it's lying time again for senator Baucus ,
His disdain for We the People loud and clear
He states he respects all our opinions.
But makes single Payer disappear.

Oh it's thank you time again to docs and nurses,
who spoke up while facing time in jail,
Pushing Health Care for All in our country,
Single Payer! Solidarity! We can't fail!

Wake up America!

I agree with Harry and Terry, anything less than Single Payer is simply bowing to corporate power. The people promoting compromise because Single Payer is "unrealistic" are acting as apologists for the health care industries which have profited off of people's pain far too long.

The support behind HR 676 is growing daily, despite what the media and the politicians say.

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I agree with Harry and Terry, anything less than Single Payer is simply bowing to corporate power. The people promoting compromise because Single Payer is "unrealistic" are acting as apologists for the health care industries

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