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May 05, 2009


I actually ran into Steve Kafoury quite accidentally yesterday at the state capitol building --in the lobby where the lobbyists hang out.

What brought me to the capitol? My older brother --a Whitman College classmate of Kafoury-- and I were visiting our second cousin, Max, a former star quarterback for Waldport High School who suffered a serious brain injury eight years ago during his senior season. A bill now pending in the current legislative session regarding the safety of high school athletes has been dubbed "Max's Law" after my cousin.

Anyway, after Kafoury helped us track down the progress of the legislation, I spoke to him briefly about his endorsement of Pam Knowles.

"I've known Pam for years," he told me. "I've never met Scott Bailey."

My reply? "Well, he has a website."

I left with the impression that Kafoury's endorsement was perfunctory at best. He knew Knowles. He didn't know Bailey. Therefore Knowles got his support.

Issues? I don't think they were a consideration.

Smells like cronyism to me.

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