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May 04, 2009


So, Terry, your Scott Bailey endorsement has been hanging out for five days with nary a comment (except Bailey of course is promoting the heck out of it). Maybe this reflects a reality that its damn hard to get excited about Bailey when he literally led the charge for Vicky Phillips' agenda in the Hollyrood/Fernwood community during the misbegotten "reconfiguration" process. He and his group were worse than lapdogs, as you described them. I'd say more like Phillips' henchmen. I don't trust Bailey's belated renunciation of Phillips now for several reasons. First, it was plain as day in 2006 that Phillips was ruthlessly steamrolling the community to preempt meaningful community participation (and possible resistance). Why was that OK with Bailey? Why did he sign on with Phillips as a de facto spokesperson for her in the Hollyrood/Fernwood community? Isn't it easy and convenient to distance himself from Phillips now that consensus has formed that her superintendency was a failure? Isn't it also convenient that his opponent cannot publicly distance herself from Phillips due to her continuing involvement with Portland Business Alliance? Why is anyone supposed to credit Bailey's current position on Phillips when he took exactly the opposite position when it counted--when Phillips was thwarting any meaningful public participation with her sham town halls? Doesn't this smack of political opportunism? Having said all that, I can't work up any real appetite for Bailey's opponent either. But, truth be told, aren't the voters here faced with a lesser of two evils type choice? Have you got a write-in recommendation for those of us who refuse to vote for a current or former member of the Phillips regime?

Interesting comment, C. Perhaps Bailey IS simply a political opportunist who has taken advantage of the diminished luster of the the Phillips' legacy.

I'm not quite as cynical. I'm willing to credit Bailey's change of heart on Phillips to a deeper understanding of the harm her policies have done the district. I also appreciate his advocacy for increased school funding with higher corporate and personal taxes.

But maybe I'm wrong, although the prospect of his PBA opponent winning the seat is chilling for me. That virtually guarantees business as usual on the board for the next four years. With Bailey, things "might" be different.

I assume, C, with your reference to Hollyrood and Fernwood that you're a Zone 3, not a Zone 4, resident. If I'm wrong, perhaps you'd be willing to put up your name as a write-in candidate. Although it probably would put Bailey's success at risk, I'd definitely consider promoting it.

I like your attitude.

I would construe C's comments as meaning (s)he is a Zone 5 resident. Zone 5 is the seat Bailey and Knowles are running for. (Zone 3 is currently represented by Bobbie Regan and will not have an election again until 2011.)

There was talk some months ago of writing in Lakeitha Elliott as a protest vote in Zone 5.

Yeah, I mixed up the zone numbers. Shoulda read Zones 2 and 5, with the assumption that C is a resident of Zone 2 --Wynde's area.

Lakeitha sounds good. I know her as a good school activist and certainly an advocate of equity.

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