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May 13, 2009


There has been a debate raging on blueoregon for the past few days over this issue. Chris Lowe, a DP activist with whom I've vehemently disagreed over the years has this to say:

"When the Democratic party stands up for full, open, honest debate on healthcare in which the single payer option is fully explained to the public, given the respect it deserves, and various options are honestly compared in their capacity to cut costs and deliver quality effective care equally, with the 'politically possible' question put off until after the alternatives are fully and honestly aired, then I will support the DP in promoting such debate and public education.

But support the current, half-assed, negotiate against ourselves, suppress discussion of the most substantively promising approach tack of the DP leadership and power-brokers? No way in hell."

Furthermore, one of the few true progressives among the DP faith community has this to say about Obamacare:
This Is A Hoax! It Is A Swindle! Wake Up America!

The religiosity with which DP members have approached Obamaniac positions on foreign policy, civil rights, corporate control/financialization and health care must end if we are to build a viable society.

Apparently, typepad is ignoring the coding of hot links. The Kucinich video is at:


my comment got eaten.

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