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May 14, 2009


Thanks, Terry. This is good info. I'll pass it along. I think the momentum for single payer is growing.

Let's hope so. But never underestimate the influence of the health care industry's money on unprincipled federal legislators.

"Public healthcare OPTION" is an "option" being fought by progressives with PNHP and others:

Public Plan Option in a Market of Private Plans
By David Himmelstein, M.D. and Steffie Woolhandler, M.D., M.P.H.:

The "public plan option" won't work to fix the health care system for two reasons.

1. It forgoes at least 84 percent of the administrative savings available through single payer. The public plan option would do nothing to streamline the administrative tasks (and costs) of hospitals, physicians offices, and nursing homes, which would still contend with multiple payers, and hence still need the complex cost tracking and billing apparatus that drives administrative costs. These unnecessary provider administrative costs account for the vast majority of bureaucratic waste. Hence, even if 95 percent of Americans who are currently privately insured were to join the public plan (and it had overhead costs at current Medicare levels), the savings on insurance overhead would amount to only 16 percent of the roughly $400 billion annually achievable through single payer -- not enough to make reform affordable.

2. A quarter century of experience with public/private competition in the Medicare program demonstrates that the private plans will not allow a level playing field. Despite strict regulation, private insurers have successfully cherry picked healthier seniors, and have exploited regional health spending differences to their advantage. They have progressively undermined the public plan -- which started as the single payer for seniors and has now become a funding mechanism for HMOs -- and a place to dump the unprofitably ill. A public plan option does not lead toward single payer, but toward the segregation of patients, with profitable ones in private plans and unprofitable ones in the public plan.

The numbers don't lie. Wait, what numbers? What in the world is poverty rate doing in a health care study? How does our having higher child poverty relate to our not having single payer? Why is that thrown in there? Oh I guess it makes the US look bad, maybe that's why.

Hmmm.... Obesity? Ok, well, that makes sense, single payer health care would definitely end obesity.

Income inequality Yep, single payer health care would definitely solve that.

Incarceration rate? Ok, now I can really see how if we had less people in prison we would have better health care. Oh wait, people in prison already are part of the government health care system so I guess the higher incarceration rate makes us look good? What the hell is incarceration rate doing in a health care study if not to be just simply another way to make America look bad?

OK - Work hours. Now that one is great. Single payer would definitely mean everyone gets to work less.

Given the figures listed, and there relation not to the issue at hand, but rather clearly just to make the US look bad, one has to wonder why they are included here. This is kind of a load.

What numbers? The numbers on the type and extent of health care coverage, FDR.

The list that follows was clearly labeled "some of the quality of life rankings." Of those, six of the eleven had to do, in some manner, with health care.

I do appreciate that youve added relevant and intelligent commentary here though. Thank you!

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