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June 08, 2009


Hi there. I'm Burl Doomenauer. You can't miss me. I'm the one with the bow tie standing in the middle of the road. We must support our troops and the war of terror.

While the nabobs of negativism continue to nitpick about "oaths to the Constitution" or "morality", I have stood fast in my opposition to impeachment of war criminals. My opponents say that, by opposing the impeachment of war criminals, I'm opposing law and order. Nothing could be less true. I'm in favor of law and order for the more than two million mostly black, brown and working class people who inhabit our prisons. We must support our troops and the war of terror.

My opponents also say that I oppose single-payer health care, but I support it, except that it's politically unfeasible, so I oppose it. We must support our troops and the war of terror.

Here are my credentials:

(1.) I am no longer a Republican, unless the Republicans nominate someone as good as Mark Hatfield.

(2.) I ride a bike.

Elect me.

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