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August 24, 2009


For-profit health care insurers will continue to compete in the market place and use the power of advertising to attract customers. They will be limited as to pre-existing conditions and required to obey anti-trust laws designed to enhance competition. This is as it should be since we want to give the lie to claims that Obama means to socialize health care insurance and is anti-capitalist.

In the meantime, a public option health care insurance system will also compete. But it will compete primarily at the pricing level.

There is room in the nation for both kinds of insurers -- plenty of it.

Welcome back, Terry.

The health care "debate" has now reached the Tower of Babel stage. The complex wonkfest of options, non-options and competing options has thoroughly confused what should have been a simple, easy-to-sell message: Medicare For All.

It doesn't take a genius to see that this was the intention all along.

The Democrat elites continue to cloud their acolytes' minds with threats that the Reich will call them socialists if they pursue what they actually want, ignoring the obvious reality that the Reich will call them socialists regardless of what they pursue. Stupid is as stupid does.

Health care reform is a major agenda in the United States aside economic recovery. President Barack Obama and Democratic leaders of Congress are keen to overhaul the current health care system, citing it as inefficient and unaffordable to Americans, and replace it with a comprehensive national system of health insurance.


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The Democrat elites continue to cloud their acolytes' minds with threats that the Reich will call them socialists

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Fact about no country with national health care allows private for profit insurance companies,is quite impressive and the information is useful to discern.

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