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August 31, 2009


The demographics are deeper than simply all-white vs. others - it's also about ELL students, special education students, and poverty as well. I've put up a bit on the Corbett statistics here and you're more than welcome to post any of the information on your blog as well. It's pretty shocking, if you ask me.
I also received an anonymous response from a Corbett parent detailing some other issues surrounding the charter school. It's also available on


Glad to see you back Terry. I really missed your perspective on all the important issues.

Any financial enterprise is a “means to an end” for its owners. Corbett Superintendent Dunton is simply pointing out that neighboring districts want to keep students within their boundaries captive in order to retain the financial payments that follow those students. That’s the unethical part.

The Corbett charter school, on the other hand, can’t capture any students. Only those who freely choose to attend bring any financial payments with them.

Exactly Steve. I agree with Obama that charter schools create choice and competition that may help lift our public school system out of its chronic mediocrity. I understand the fear and loathing public schools and school teachers have for this competition. However, I believe they can compete when pushed. For similar reasons, I also agree with Obama that we need to move to an incentive pay system for teachers

Haven't checked in for quite some time. Nice to see you writing again.

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Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie.So about the Dunton and objection you told so this is good to read because these all related to the Hypocrisy,this is a great work you did by sharing these great and beautiful facts.

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